3D Printing

RadSys offers a wide range of 3D printing photopolymers and polymeric powders. The PhotoSoft product line include rubbery Photopolymers of different elastic properties. The products are suitable for the manufacturing of elastomeric gaskets to very flexible models and toys. PhotoHard series of RadSys Photopolymers include a wide range of hard and scratch resistant products of different colors. These photopolymers are mostly used for making models and prototypes. The range of RadSys PhotoTough photopolymers include many products of ABS-like properties. These also are supplied in different colors. RadSys PhotoCast photopolymers are specially designed for the stringent requirement of the jewelry industry. They give very fine patterns and are cast very easily without any residue in burn out process. They are well-designed for a wide range of 3D printers found in the market.