RadSys offers a wide range of UV-curing products for the artificial and natural wood industries. In the field of wooden parquets we offer a UV-curing sealer-clear coat system. We also offer UV-curing water-based coatings for wooden parquets which are applied in the field.
Our range of products for the industry also includes UV-curing sealers, primers and topcoats for medium density fiber boards (MDF). RadSys also produces coating systems for high-gloss MDF panels. Our two-coat coating system for high-gloss MDF panels offer a very glossy, hard and scratch resistant finish which adheres very well to the non-adhesive melaminated surfaces of the laminated panels. The coating system is designed for automatic roll and curtain coating lines.
RadSys also produces a wide range of printing inks and overprint varnishes for PVC edge band production. These products are designed for large scale automatic production and based on their exactly controlled properties show excellent adhesion to the PVC bands, excellent hardness and scratch resistance and reproducible optical effects.
RadSys’ EdgeCoat series include varnishes of different gloss values ranging from high-gloss varnishes to fully matte varnishes. Regardless of their gloss these varnishes exhibit very high scratch resistance. EdgePrint series of printing inks can be printed using gravure and flexo-based printing presses. All the inks of the EdgePrint series are glossy.
Electronics and Computer Industry
RadSys also produces different UV-curing products for the electronics. These products range from scratch resistant hard-coats for touch screens to solder masks and etch resists.
Our UV-curing hard-coats for touch screens offered in gloss and matte appearance are resistant against scratches and show an anti-fingerprint behavior. These coatings can be applied on a wide range of polycarbonate sheets of different thickness.