Building industries uses elements that need to become more resistant to scratches and environmental influences. UV-curing products fit very well to this need. Protecting PVC-based wall coverings and parquets by gloss, semi-gloss and matte coatings can be done using our UV-curing overprint varnishes. Using RadSys’ UV-curing gravure inks it is possible to have very exact marks on UPVC panels. Flexible PVC floor sheets of different width can be protected against abrasion using our abrasion resistant matte over-print varnishes. The varnish does not influence the flexibility of the sheet and does not lose its adhesion due to cutting and bending. Outdoor UPVC elements such as outdoor panels and UPVC profiles can be finished using our UV-curing outdoor clear-coats. PC-based roller shutters and window-glasses can be made scratch resistant using our different grades of UV-curing hard-coats.