Nowadays optical disk industry is fully dependent on UV-curing products. These products include lacquers for CD and CD-R, bonding materials for DVD and DVD-R and silk screen printing inks and overprint varnishes. RadSys’ DataShield is a UV-curing lacquer for protecting metal layer of all types of compact disks against humidity. The coating is designed to be applied using inline spin coaters and the consumption factor has been minimized. It shows very high reactivity and excellent adhesion. DataBond products are DVD bonding materials of different viscosities and very high reactivity. The bonding material shows a very high adhesion together with very low cure shrinkage. These products can be used to bond DVD and DVD-R. DataPrint inks are used for screen printing stages in CD/DVD printing lines. The opaque white, 4-color inks and single color inks are among these products. They show excellent cure response and very high adhesion to CD-lacquers and polycarbonate surfaces. RadSys also offers special overprint varnishes and scratchable inks for the optical disks industry.