Automotive industry is one of the most demanding industries nowadays. High production volume needs continuous production lines with a high level of automation. This level of technology needs products which can fit its needs. RadSys Automotive Coatings department has developed many UV-curing products used in the automotive industry. PC Guard UV-1100 is a UV-curing hard-coating material which is suitable for long-term protection of UV-stabilized polycarbonate lenses of automotive head-lights. BMC-Base UV-2100 is the first generation of our UV-curing base-coats used on different kinds of reflectors. The coating makes a very hard and adhering film with very high thermal resistance required for today’s headlight reflectors. RadSil 2000 is a plasma-polymerizing coating which can be used both as a base and a top-coat for vacuum-metallization process. It protects the metal film against humidity and alkaline materials. RadSys has also developed UV-curing protective clear coatings for protection of metal layers applied by vacuum-metallization process. Our UV-curing products are also used for protecting metallic base-coats applied on wheel covers.