Graphic Arts

RadSys produces a wide range of UV-curing products for the printing and packaging industries. Our products cover a wide range of printing techniques including screen printing, flexographic printing, Letterpress printing and water-less offset printing. We produce different grades of screen varnishes including gloss and matte varnishes for a wide range of substrates. These include paper and board, transparent and pigmented plastic films, metallized paper and plastic sheets, aluminium panels and plaques, PVC, PE, PP and PET sheets and … . UV-curing screen printing inks are another family of our products. The inks have high color strength and different transparencies for different needs of the customers. Opaque inks are used for single color print-outs while transparent inks are used for 4-color screen printing. We also produce UV-curing scratchable ink / varnish systems. Screen printing on boards, PP corrugated boards, PE and PP containers and many other applications can be performed using RadSys’ UV-curing screen printing inks. Flexographic printing of nowadays takes benefits of UV-curing technology as a quick drying process. RadSys produces UV-curing flexo inks. Our FX series of Print-O-Lux inks answer all the needs of a modern flexo printing machine. Excellent cure response, adhesion to a wide range of substrates and optimized rheology are some the most important properties of these inks. Our UV letter-press inks are designed to fit the needs of the label printing industry. The inks adhere to a wide range of substrates and cures at a quite high line speed. Water-less offset printing requires inks of exactly controlled rheology and interfacial properties. Using RadSys’ UV-curing waterless offset inks very high quality print-outs can be obtained.