Second Radsys Technical Meeting “Applications of UV-Curing Technology in Wood Industry”

The second Radsys Technical Meeting (RTM) will be held on 02.02.2015 by Radsys Pooshesh Co. and Iranian Trade Promotion Organization. This RTM is aimed at transferring basic knowledge of wood coatings and UV-curing technology to the people who are active in the field of finishing of wooden products. The meeting will be held parallel to Woodex 2015 at Green hall of the Iranian TPO central Building #2. The lecturers will be Dr. Saeed Rastegar who is a member of scientific board of the department of Polymer Engineering and Coatings Technology at Amirkabir University of Technology and Professor Dr. Zahra Ranjbar who is a member of scientific board of the Institute of Color, Paints and Coatings. Interested person may register free of charge by calling 0098-21-22931615.

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